Side effects of HGH – possible unpleasant consequences of taking the drug!

Growth hormone (GH), which can be also called either somatotropin or human growth hormone is a peptide hormone, which action is aimed at cells growing, their reproduction and regeneration in male & female persons. Only particular types of cells are activated by the activity of this kind of mitogen. Somatotropic cells secrete, synthesize and store this hormone, which is additionally single-chain polypeptide and 191-amino acid.

Side effects and various hazards of HGH

Using the hormone as a medicament is approved for several medical indications. So that if you use the hormone for medical purposes, following an individual doctor’s prescription, the consuming will be safe and beneficial. Equal to other drugs, GH is characterized by the possibility of occurrence of side effects, some of which can emerge in most cases, some – very rarely.

HGH side effects, which are not common, are the following:

  • Muscle, joint or nerve pain;
  • Swelling, caused by body’s tissues fluid (also known as edema);
  • The syndrome of carpal tunnel;
  • Increased level of cholesterol in the blood.

The risk to have diabetes is rapidly increasing while consuming HGH.
Besides, you are more likely to suffer from cancerous tumors growing. Illegal getting of this drug is more dangerous, because you have no idea what you are actually consuming. The counterfeiting of the drug has been caused by its high price. Be sure to get HGH, prescribed and given by your doctor, otherwise, you risk to consume the drug, which has no approval.

Following your doctor’s prescription is an integral part of wholesome and healthy treatment with the minimal risk of side effects of HGH.

The syndrome of carpal tunnel and skin changes

Size increasing of skeletal muscle causes weakness of them and ever and again “pins and needles” feeling, which is called carpal tunnel syndrome. This syndrome is typical for people, whose daily dosage of HGH injections is four IU and more. The previous dosage can also cause the swell of fingers and the feeling of the fuller face. This temporal unpleasant adverse event tends to disappear within several weeks when the dosage gets lower.
One more side effect, that HGH consumers face is skin changes, in particular, thickening and “elephant epidermis” (skin coarsening).

Does the hormone increase the risk of cancer?

As experts say, no death occurrence from GH taking has been. Thus one of the research of people, who have been prescribed to consume cadaver GH (the one, which usage has been forbidden since 1985) in their childhood, has unpleasant results. It illustrates increasing of colon cancer incidence and cancer of the prostate. However, the connection with the GH treatment is not indicated. Anyway, experts claim, that human growth hormone (HGH) injections tend to deteriorate any cancer because of the anabolic action on the size of malignant cells.

HGH & cancer – the bottom line

It is worth noting, that researchers have not proved yet the cancerous effect of GH. Nevertheless, a large quantity of speculations exist. What we definitely know is that the particular cancer cause is not indicated at all. The risk is everywhere. That is why, you shouldn’t see the straight connection between cancer occurrence and GH taking.

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