The Whole Truth of Testosterone Cypionate and Its Role in Muscle Gain!

Muscle Growth in Men

No men want to have weak and soft muscles. Maybe there are some stronger sex representatives who don’t care much of their body and their appearance, but most males dream of a sexy body with strong rippling muscles. Muscle gain has been popular in all times and in all countries of the world, but it is especially popular nowadays.

However, sometimes even hard training doesn’t bring the desired result. This is because muscle growth depends not only on exercising, but on some other variables. One of the most important conditions is the proper hormone balance. Now we are speaking, of course, of the main male hormone called testosterone. This is high testosterone that provides these sexy muscles.

The Role of Testosterone in Muscle Mass Gaining

Though testosterone is known as a male hormone, it is responsible not only for men’s sexual function. Of course, it boosts libido and potency, but it also increases physical strength, stamina and energy level as well as makes muscles bigger visually. And of course, it has a prominent anabolic effect. Sportsmen and body-builders are perfectly well aware of these properties of testosterone and use them to achieve the best results.

The most popular form of testosterone in the US is testosterone cypionate, which is used for injections. It is the most long-acting form of this hormone.

How does it Work?

When testosterone gets into a male organism, it starts working exactly as the natural men’s hormone. It is responsible for many emotional and physical men’s characteristic features. For example, a testosterone injection causes voice coarseness, enhanced sex drive and an intensive muscles growth. It makes muscles preserve more nitrogen, which later transforms into muscle protein.

Are There Any Side Effects of Testosterone Use for Muscle Gain?

Though testosterone is a natural hormone, which is absolutely necessary for many processes in the male organism, its use as an anabolic tool can have some side effects. For example, the biggest downside of a testosterone cypionate cycle is that this form of testosterone tends to transform into estrogen – a female hormone. To avoid this, a man taking testosterone cypionate has to simultaneously take estrogen-suppressing supplements. Mind that a high content of estrogens in a male organism can cause some undesired effects, including gynecomastia.

Another side effect of testosterone taking is an increased probability of hair loss in men. It doesn’t mean that you’ll become bold as soon as you start taking testosterone, but in general, if you have an inherited predisposition to early hair loss, be cautious.

Finally, you need to take into account that testosterone cypionate cycle gives a temporary effect. After the cycle is completed, you will lose up to 30 percent of the mass gained. Also, it’s important not to exceed the recommended dose and duration of the cycle. Overdose can cause negative effects, including blocking of own testosterone production in the organism.

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